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Subscribers to Scot’s Newsletter total more than 48,000. The subscriber base consists of 65% percent HTML Edition subscribers and 35% percent Text Edition subscribers. New HTML subscribership is growing at a rate of more than 3:1 over text.

Every paid ad receives placement in both the HTML and Text editions of the newsletter as well as a permanent banner on the website archive edition. We don't split the list with different ads or offer partial list sizes. If you'd like to test, we offer one-time rate. But be advised that most newsletter and Web ads require a longer term to develop the click-throughs you seek.

Each issue of the Scot’s Newsletter (SFNL) offers five standard ad placements, from the very top of the page to the very bottom with three anchor positions inside the newsletter above popular sections. Internal navigation for the HTML and Web editions shows the ads at the three internal section headers. For specifics about pricing, frequency discounts, and ad positions (including links to examples), please see the Scot’s Newsletter Rate Card.

Here's more detail about the three types of ad services that every Scot’s Newsletter advertiser receives:

Text Newsletter Ad
Scot's Newsletter text ads consist of seven lines of ASCII text, each line up to 67 characters long. We make exceptions on line length for URLs only. When you make an ad commitment, you'll receive an easy-to-use Text Ad Template that makes it easy to see line lengths and numbers of lines. Unless you request otherwise, we center lines side to side.

HTML Newsletter Ad
The HTML edition of the newsletter debuted in May 2002 and has grown rapidly. It's increasingly popular with more experienced SFNL subscribers. Almost 60% of the newsletter's audience prefer our light-weight HTML formatting. The HTML edition accepts a standard 468-by-60-pixel .GIF or .JPG (.GIF preferred) banner ads. If you do not have a banner ad, I can help you create an HTML-based text ad (see a sample HTML Text ad). Note: Help with creating such an ad is free, but it requires you to let me know in advance, and to get your text ad materials to me at least one day earlier.

Website Ad
Every issue of Scot’s Newsletter is readily accessible to its subscribers via their Web browsers, and the back issues are easy to find. The newsletter frequently links back to previous newsletter editions. The first editorial link in the Text edition also links to the Web-archive version of the newsletter, and this is used by a great many subscribers who both prefer to read HTML but who can't display or don't want HTML in email. The banner ads that appear in HTML edition of the newsletter also appear on the Scot's Newsletter Web-archve of the same newsletter edition, and not just for a month. We guarantee that these ads will be displayed for at least 60 days.

Note: The website edition of Scot’s Newsletter displays Google AdSense ads in the top banner position if there is no paid Premium Position ad. The same is true of Ad Position 5, at the bottom of the newsletter page. Your purchase of either position knocks Google AdSense out of these spots for (at minimum) the 60-day guaranteed display period. Google AdSense never appears in mailed instances of the newsletter.

Banner Ad Specifics
The Web banner ad is the standard 468-by-60-pixel size (although we are open to other standard ad sizes, including IMU). The banner ad for the website should advertise the same or similar product or service as the text ad in the email newsletter (The words don't have to be exactly the same.) You may also choose not to run your advertisement on the website if you prefer — or to remove it prior to the completion of the 60-day display period.

Ad banner placement on the main Scot’s Newsletter page and other pages on the growing, well-trafficked newsletter's website are available separately. Please inquire for details.

Scot’s Newsletter mails monthly. We aim for the first Tuesday after the first weekend of the month. We occasionally send an extra special edition or skip an issue. Advertisers will be informed in advance of those changes. When you purchase a frequency-discounted series of six ads, for example, you will get the placement you purchased in the next six editions of the newsletter. (You may be given the option to opt out of a special edition.)

The newsletter requires payment and ad materials in advance of the newsletter publication date. Full payment for frequency-discount pricing is expected with the first issue the ad appears in. Currently we can accept payment electronically through PayPal (which takes all major credit cards) or by company check via postal mail. Additional information on payment will be provided to those interested in advertising.

Please Email for Details
Prospective advertisers will receive further details about ad availability, pricing, payment options, ad materials and specifications, or any other questions they may have on request. Please email to:


Thanks for your interest in Scot’s Newsletter.