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The "Windows 98 Setup" progress box (label varies by Windows version) opens to inform you that Setup is importing previous Tweak UI settings -- even if Tweak UI has never been installed on your PC before. You may encounter a glitch in the form of a prompt to insert a Win98 CD. Disregard it though, and use the dialog box's Browse feature to point Setup right back to the folder on your hard drive that contains the downloaded Tweak UI setup files. Most people who say they couldn't install Tweak UI 1.33 ran into this one, and weren't able to figure it out.

The progress box.


Another minor annoyance everyone enounters is shown below. The "About Tweak UI" help screen will open, and when it does Tweak UI's installation halts. Read the help screen, but you have to close its window to allow setup to finish. Proceed to step Step 5.

Close the X-box on this Help screen to finish the installation.

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